Poor family, always subjected to my ideas and experiments.
I have been sorting out and throwing away things, but this ongoing experiment of mine is probably the strangest one, so far. What it is? Well, we are having a TV-free week. The ‘what’ is easy; No TV for a week. The ‘why’ is what they don’t really get. Why am I doing this to them? Or really. The kids haven’t asked why, it’s my husband who doesn’t really get it. But this is why:

I am tired of having a soul-less life, and I feel like the TV is sucking my soul out of my body! I really don’t watch TV the old fashioned way, but instead I watch a whole season of a show in one stretch. I get home from work, I get food, I put the kids to bed, and then – TV! This fall I’ve seen all six seasons of Sons of Anarchy, in like three months. That’s a lot of TV! I just sit there, doing nothing, sometimes not even enjoying myself. And then I complain about not having time to do stuff with my kids, or being too tired to clean or read or whatever else I wish I was doing with my time.

And then we have the kids. I enjoy sleeping, something you don’t get to do a lot when you have small kids. So when the kids figured out how to turn on the TV by themselves I kind of let it happen because then I could sleep in a bit in the mornings. They watched all kinds of TV, sometimes for a very long time too, and then it always ended with a fight when I wanted them to turn it off. And I don’t think they really enjoyed themselves either, bacause they were just sitting there like zombies. Like me.

This is all on me.
But I am trying to make a change.
I don’t want the TV to be the thing that keep us together in the evenings. I would love for us to do other things together, as a family. Or for me and my husband to do things together as a couple once the kids have gone to bed. Or for me to be a person with real interests, not just sitting in the sofa like a zombie.

It has been a tough couple of days so far. We’ve been without the TV for three whole days, and it’s not the nagging that has been hard, because frankly, there hasn’t been any nagging at all! Nothing! Instead we have spend SO much time together, me and the kids (because hubby has been working), that I am totally beat at the end of the day. We have been playing with the kids’ toys, reading books, playing games, making dinner together, drawing, making bead plates, doing different chores, gone grocery shopping… So, tough, but in a good way!

I would love to try this out on a week when I was actually working, but right now I have a two week vacation and I think we are all enjoying our time together more than we’ve done in a long time. Also, I am not getting less sleep like I thought I would, because the kids aren’t stressing to get out of bed to be able to watch TV before I get up and make them turn it off, instead everyone is sleeping in. Which makes them less grumpy!

If only I could convince hubby to throw the TV out for good….

About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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1 Response to Experimenting

  1. Well done! Hard work but soon you’ll see only positives. We lived seven years with no tv, hubby & I… Then came the kids… People asked – but what do you do with no tv? We talk, I always answered. Good luck and my hat off to you!

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