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Everything that remains by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

I got my copy of Everything that remains the other day and eagerly started reading it. I had ordered it the same day it was released on Amazon, and it finally arrived just in time for me to take a … Continue reading

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Face – off

I visited a blog about two weeks ago and read about someone who had decided not to log on to Facebook for a week. I thought this might be something to try, a fun little challenge to see if I … Continue reading

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Pod and clean.

My son is home sick today, burning up with a fever but has been sleeping most of the day so far. That has given me a pretty rare occasion of not going to work. Yes, in our house my husband … Continue reading

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Lazy – or smart?

I hate cooking. My husband hates cooking. Or so we thought. In fact, what we hate is the question of what we are going to cook. We have been sort of stuck in a rut, cooking the same things because … Continue reading

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Organization frenzy

There is one thing that I have learned two months into my life as a minimalist, and that is that my love for organizing my things has been put on hold for a while. I used to love shelves and … Continue reading

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Are you a minimalist too?

I guess it’s because I am interested in how other people perceive this whole thing about minimalism that I continuously find myself reading blogs just about that. Gone are the days when I surf blogs of interior design and photography, and instead I spend my … Continue reading

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Perfectly pleased

I am feeling perfectly pleased with myself today! I may not have been the most fun mother (but I was okay fun, sometimes that’s enough), but I did get things done! I have easily collected more than 200 things of … Continue reading

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So how did it go with…

…me playing the mins-game?  Well, it actually did go rather well, up until day eleven. Because that’s the day I went to Stockholm, and I didn’t throw anything away that weekend, except for a lot of money on great food. … Continue reading

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Since I feel like I am no longer interested in good deals och information about where to buy the latest whatever, I have thought about how unnecessary it is to be constantly reminded of it on my phone, every day. … Continue reading

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“I just want to be happy”

I used to belong to a group of girls when I went to (what probably would translate as) high school. Two of them are still my best friends, the other two I have lost all contact with. I don’t remember … Continue reading

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