Playing the mins-game

A new year! A new month! A new day!

I am starting the mins-game with myself today. Not making it easy, either.
The mins-game is a game to get rid of things. On the first day you give away/throw away/whatever away one thing. On the second day you get rid of two things, then tree, four, and so on. Usually you play with someone else, and the one who gives in first is the one who loses, but I don’t know anyone who knows about this, or are willing to throw things away. Most people just look at me like I am strange when I say I want to live with less stuff.

Anyways. I don’t care about having to play by myself, it’s not like I’m not winning by doing it. I will win over myself, and I started today by throwing away a black plastic bag with rejected things, mostly from the kids’ rooms. So yes, I am making it more difficult for myself because in the end, if I throw away a plastic bag and count it as one item, there will be few things left in the end of the month.

But then again, so what? If I don’t have 31 objects to get rid of come the end of January, I am surely a winner anyway!
Happy new year!


About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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9 Responses to Playing the mins-game

  1. This is so good! Most of us have way to many things! I totally agree and understand why you are doing it. You have my full support ๐Ÿ˜‰ Heja!

  2. AlisonLiley says:

    My boys and I are playing too! We are having to create a few more guidelines so that they know a small piece of paper isn’t really an option. Best of luck to you!

    • Thank you!
      I have started with my daughter’s room today, and I know that she is a bit overly attached to her things, so I am so proud of her for getting rid of a couple of stuffed animals and a lot of books and coloring books that were all used up. I think she is getting it!
      Good luck to you to, and thanks for stopping by!

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  6. LOVE the minimalism game! Did it in January and purged the house of almost 500 items! Feeling the need to do it again for an upcoming garage sale. Onwards!

  7. P.S. Try doing it backwards…31 items day one, down to 1 item on day 31…Huge momentum at the beginning, less stress later!

    • That is a really good idea! Wish I’d done that this time, I’m getting a bit stressed about all the items I need to find because I don’t have time to dig while I’m at work ๐Ÿ™‚

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