To 86 a room

Just the other day I read about how to de-clutter a space in a short time.

Apparently “to 86 something” means to throw it away, and this game was all about getting rid of stuff, quick. You throw away 86 things within a limited time, for example two hours.

Because I am going with my husband on a weekend get away tomorrow to Stockholm, my dad came and picked the kids up 1,5 hour ago. First thing I did? 86 my daughter’s room! It took me about 40 minutes, and 86 things are gone. From her floor. I kid you not. I have been pretty harsh, but I don’t think she will notice what’s missing, just that she will have fewer things, and I didn’t get rid of things I know that she like. Really, I am not that evil.

I do realize that maybe I should use my time for other things than playing games of cleaning up, especially since my husband also is away for the evening, watching a hockey game. But it is kind of relaxing. And I pick up, throw away, and listen to pod casts about photography… It does feel like “me-time”, just never as I imagined it before.

I wonder if her room can take another round of 86…


About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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2 Responses to To 86 a room

  1. Hardik Nagar says:

    Amazing game! 😀

    I’ll surely try it soon.

    Do check out my latest blog, before you do this 😉

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