Lazy – or smart?

I hate cooking. My husband hates cooking. Or so we thought.

In fact, what we hate is the question of what we are going to cook. We have been sort of stuck in a rut, cooking the same things because they were quick and the kids ate it. That is all changing as we have started to pay to have food delivered to our house, along with the recipes.

Now to some, this sounds lazy, because we could do the work ourselves – finding recipes, going to the store, buying the food.. Perhaps that would be cheaper in the long run too.  But for us, this is a really smart thing.

Yes, we pay someone to deliver our food, and the recipes, (which I find a bit creepy when I think about it – what has the world come to when people (us) can’t think for ourselves enough to even decide what to have for dinner?!) but what we also get is time. It takes a ton of stress away from my life, knowing what to cook and that I have all the things at home.

  • We don’t have to start looking for recipes we might not even like to eat.
  • We don’t have to stress after work to actually go buy the ingredients,
  • or run around in the store to find things we’ve never heard of,
  • and probably forgetting something and not being able to cook the dish anyway,
  • and also the kids can’t really complain because it’s not us who has chosen the food (sounds stupid, but it is a great way to make them eat even though they say they don’t like it).
  • And besides, if you’re not in the store you can’t buy unnecessary, crappy things that are bad for you,
  • and we don’t throw away food that has gone bad because we only get exactly what we need to follow the recipes,
  • but instead we get left-overs to refrigerate and take to work.

See, it’s so smart I don’t know why we haven’t done it before?!

What I’ve learned from this? If it is lazy to simplify something that makes you stressed out, then count me in! I am as lazy as they get!


About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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3 Responses to Lazy – or smart?

  1. Go on some cooking courses and you may learn to love the process. It is such a lovely feeling to watch my daughter devour something I have created. If you don’t you don’t so don’t beat yourself up. But it is a great feeling.

    • I should! The thing is it looks so cozy and nice, but I am really uncomfortable in the kitchen. but then I try something I’ve never done before (like I did risotto last year first time ever) and it is so fun!

      • It’s hard to come off without sounding like I’m lecturing. Risotto, good choice. Easy to do, v v hard to ddo v well. Still delicious regardless.

        I often cheat with one pre-prepared ingredient during the week with a good mix of veg. Although last night had a ton of mushrooms sauteed in unholy amounts of butter, garlic (frozen but fresh if you see what I mean), fresh thyme (also kept in freezer so as not to waste) and a splash of white wine. All with ready made heat-n-eat chicken kievs. Ethical chicken I might add!

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