Greed gives me a headache

I shouldn’t really blame others because it was my own greed, if I could call it that, that actually was the main reason why I got a headache today.

I do have some nice things left at home. Furniture that are almost new (now unnecessary),  and some toys that are in very nice condition and that were quite expensive when we got them. Here’s where the greed comes in. I have donated A LOT and I just feel like the bigger things should generate some money. I am not asking for much, but it feels bad to give away everything without getting anything back. Oh, I know, that was very un-minimalist of me to say, of course giving in itself is reward enough. But then again, I kind of need money. At least for now I do.

Again, I am not asking for much. The toys are really nice and I am practically giving them away. Almost. Still people feel the need to try and lower the price even more. Or make me drive to their place to give them my very cheap stuff because it’s too much work for them to come get it themselves. Um.

Enter headache.

I am really no good at this. I put in an add, get a reply, someone else wants to pay more after I said yes to the first person, I am sticking with the first person, he hesitates, he postpones, still I stick with him instead of just selling to the highest bidder, because he was first and it really wasn’t that much about the money in the first place. Suddenly I am texting people, losing focus from my kids, spending too much time on STUFF.

And it was all because I wanted to earn some money.

I guess what I am saying is that in the future I’d rather give everything away for free instead of getting caught up with this trying to sell business. And of course, as I was getting fed up with it all, I read today’s post at The Minimalists. And I agree.

do feel better when I give.


About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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12 Responses to Greed gives me a headache

  1. Anne Lene says:

    Sometimes I wish we could have “swap meets”, where people could swap things between them, and maybe might not have to spend money on buying new.. I see there are groups like this in US and UK (not really “swap meets” but a communities where people can give and receive according to needs ). I wish we could have something like this here in Norway.. it would take care of the “need” we sometimes have to feel like we get value for what we get rid off. Do you have anything like that in Sweden?

    • We do have those things like for children, but no, not for grown ups. Nothing that I ever heard of, anyway. If I had the energy I would start something like this myself. I mean, there are some things on facebook… perhaps I should log in and see if I can get rid of some things on there. Or I will just continue eating away on that elephant, going to goodwill every week with a carload 🙂

      • Anne Lene says:

        Goodwill is what I use as well most of the time, but there are times I sure wouldn’t mind get a dollar (well kroner 😉 ) or two for those brand new clothes that have never been used, that cost a “fortune” 😉 oh well…. better just get them out of the house I guess.., unless I happen to find someone that wants them before they go to goodwill.

  2. I agree! I looked around on the internet, turns out there are a few sites where you can give stuff away, so I placed two adds just to see if it works 🙂

  3. I see nothing wrong with trying to make money off some of the bigger items. You are still downsizing. I too sometimes try to sell something’s and put the money on to my last remaining credit card. Some people do however make it harder then it needs to be. Just don’t let them get to you because they are suffering from their own need for stuff!

  4. alibaaabi says:

    Hi Guys, I agree that there is nothing wroing with feeling a need for something in return for items given or even time spent on things. There is also however a great feeling of satisfaction and love when you give selflessly to people in need who can not give anything in return. If you have a feeling of greed why not donate to my campaign. As little as one euro will shake that feeling in no time. cheeky of me to post I know, Im just struggling to get my first donation so any liking, sharing or even donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Ali

    • Hi there! A bit cheeky yes 😉 but then again, how would we ever hear about your project otherwise? I will save your link for a couple of weeks and return to it when I am able to contribute. If love to get a postcard 🙂

  5. wsgilliam says:

    I don’t deal with cheap skates. If the price is super low its first come first serve. All in all it takes some money to downsize and giving someone a great deal on an item is not a bad thing. Of course donating the lower value items or items that won’t sell is good too. I will give away something before I let someone that doesn’t need it have it for cheap.

    • Agree, It’s not cheap to downsize. I just learned swapping apartments can be both a lot of work and quite costly, but it will be for the best in the end. About things I also agree, I’d rather give the things away than let someone have them who just wants an even cheaper deal than I’m giving them. I am thinking that I will donate the toys to my son’s old daycare, they’ll probably enjoy them a lot!

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