Three hours later…

Three hours ago – a husband and a wife cleaning the house like madmen. The inspection of our apartment is today and we need to get everything together so that he will think that there’s order in this household.

Two hours ago – the inspection is under way. We are going to change apartments with our next door neighbor and they have said they don’t want us to do anything with our apartment, don’t fix it, we will! The company we’re renting from clearly doesn’t see it that way. Pay $440 (per room) to get the two rooms fixed, or there won’t be an exchange.

Darn it. I knew this would come. I was actually fixing the rooms two months ago but then the neighbor came and told me not to. I am not paying $880 for some paint. I will do it myself!

One hour ago – got the kids ready while husband went to buy paint and such stuff.

Half an hour ago – sent the kiddos and hubby to the ice skating rink, did the prep work in the hallway.

Now – painting time!

Not what I expected from this Monday, but I am getting things done!


About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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9 Responses to Three hours later…

  1. Well atleast it’s getting down and progress is happening

  2. Anne Lene says:

    And doing it yourself = cheaper, and you know it gets done properly, and to your satisfaction 😉

    • Exactly! It took me half a day and $80, well worth it! Looks like we’re moving this weekend, and suddenly things are moving fast and today will be spent packing. And sorting. I am looking forward to it but also am a bit nervous about cutting a lot of stuff. It’s not as easy parting with things as I thought it would be in the beginning. I have parted with A LOT though… Small pieces of the elephant *repeating*

      • Anne Lene says:

        Good luck with the move. It’s during a move one finds out how much one owns, and it’s a great time to get some stuff out the door in the process. You mentioned its a short move to a smaller place. What size are you moving from and to?

        • We have a large apartment (according to Swedish standard) that is 135 kvm (~1450 sq ft) and are moving two meters to an apartment that is 105 kvm (~1130 sq ft). I actually wanted to move to an even smaller place, but it seemed stupid as we would only save 200 SEK ($30) but lose a whole room. Since the kids are getting bigger, they will want their privacy soon and me and hubby too. We decided that since the neighbors wanted to swap and there were no apartments free of the size we wanted, we might as well just do it. And saving $300/month is perfect!

          • Anne Lene says:

            105 is not so bad 🙂 I agree it seems sensible what your doing, I wouldn’t t lose a room either for mere 30 dollars. After all it’s nice to know you have room for all the family members. But downsizing to save 300, that makes sense. I myself live in a two bedroom 75 kvm. But then again, I live alone.. I just wanted a place big enough to have a guest room, when I moved from my 50 kvm in 2006. I don’t see myself ever needing anything bigger (especially if I manage to declutter as much as I want to) 😉

          • When the kids move out in the future I see myself moving to a small place, 60 kvm would be just enough, in the middle of the city.

          • Anne Lene says:

            Way into the future if I remember your kids age right 😉 but 60 sounds about right..

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