My daughter impresses me

I have two kids. My five-year-old boy likes playing with his toys and was really happy when we donated (probably) half of his toys, two months ago. Now he finds his favorites more easily, and he doesn’t mind picking them up afterwards, because it’s quick.

My eight-year-old daughter was not ready to part with her toys two months ago. Or, “toys” is not the word for her things, because she mainly likes to write and draw and read and look at her small things (and then not put it back where it belongs, but just keep it in a pile on her desk). She has been very upset since we cleared her brother’s room, because we have been nagging her to clean her stuff away, but we haven’t needed to even ask her brother (because his room has been clean from the beginning), and she finds that very unfair.

I have been telling her that it is because he has fewer things, but when I ask her if she wants to sort some of her stuff, she doesn’t, and I have left it at that because she’s a kid and as long as her things are in her room, I’m okay with it.

Today I asked her again. And she said yes! I cleared her desk while she was trying her coloring pens to see which was OK and which was too old and needed to be thrown away. The result was great! One third of the clutter on her desk had a place to “live” and moved to the right place. One third was donated and the last third I threw away.

Then we went through her dolls. She had seven – and never plays with them (and never has)! Still, if she feels she needs to keep them, who am I to throw them away? Today she was okay with donating three of them, and most of the dolls’ clothes. Yay!

We have just sorted through her games and puzzles, and are donating seven! Also, she wrapped some really nice glittery horses and fairies and some small rubber-I-don’t-know-what-they-are, to give to her best friend tomorrow, as a present just because she likes her.

Yeah, so what I wanted to say was just; I’m really impressed that she’s getting it! I have a whole carload of stuff waiting to be driven to our regular Goodwill store, and when the kids go to bed tonight I will continue purging and packing. It seems like we’re moving this weekend, so I am both excited and a bit stressed out.


About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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3 Responses to My daughter impresses me

  1. Anne Lene says:

    That’s impressive, it’s great when the kids get it early. It sets them up right, with not letting their stuff run their life

  2. We did the same thing this past weekend with my 2 year old..4 bags out and she is HAPPY! My 13 year old wanted nothing to do with it and last night changed her mind. I will have to do a post on this next with the pics. You would think the kids would hate it…but turns out they are a lot more happier with less! Who would have known!

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