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I confess – I’ve been consuming.

I have bought things today. The sun is out, the sky is blue, and the shopping mode is on! No, not really. I could have skipped the smoothie I bought for lunch, it was okay but not worth the money. … Continue reading

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What now?

I think I have come to a plateau. You know, where things stand still for a while and nothing really happens. I used to be able to fill a box per day to be shipped off on my husband’s days … Continue reading

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So many thoughts…

…so little time to think them! I was actually first going to write “so little time to write about them”, but the thing is I don’t even feel like I have time to finish one thought before I have to … Continue reading

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Back in business!

Yes, after four weeks without internet at home, I am now back in business! Actually I haven’t missed it all that much, except for being able to blog on a computer instead of using my phone. It is far more … Continue reading

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Buying and selling

It’s been a quick week at work with many preparations for the students for some important tests that are starting next week. I have also been eating a lot of pills to try and get rid of a migraine that’s … Continue reading

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What my wish list looked like

I wrote down a couple of tings in December that I wanted to accomplish for the new year, or rather, for life. I hadn’t planned on sharing them, but then I decided I should at least share my hopes with … Continue reading

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The dreams you don’t dare to share

Dreams. There are different kind of dreams you can have that are more or less realistic, more or less crazy and more or less share-able. Like me going on a two week vacation to Iceland – totally realistic! Leaving the … Continue reading

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