The Project that never gets done

These last couple of days I have listened a lot to other people’s stories about how they are dealing with the stuff in their lives. Since the move I have no internet on my computer but am able to use my phone instead. So when I am walking around, picking stuff up, packing up boxes, doing the dishes (because yes, we no longer have a dishwasher – well, yet), I am listening to podcasts and learning a lot.

One of my biggest issues is I’m thinking I will be creative at one point or another, so I bring stuff into my house that need a new coat of color, or that I can make into something or fix in some way. What I’m learning right now is that I am full of great ideas but I am terrible at following through, and so the question I find myself asking the most is “Am I really going to follow through?” If the answer is no then I need to let my projects go and get rid of the (very nice) polka dot print fabric, or the ugly chair that would be lovely if it was in another color, or …. Well, you get my point. From now on I am probably not going to start any projects at all unless I’m doing them straight away. Either I’m going to spend more money on a chair that is lovely from the beginning, or I am not buying anything at all.

But it is very difficult for me to let go of the seashells that me and my husband picked in Thailand pre-children, And I am still putting those aside for a project that I’ve been planning since I picked them nine years ago. Hopefully I’ll finish it before summer.


About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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4 Responses to The Project that never gets done

  1. OMG! That is the story of my dining room/craft area! The area I have not tackled because that is the home of the projects half started! Going to do some day…and just if I had more time. Good for you for letting them go….that is going to be a hard room for myself to tackle. I have some many good intentions lol

  2. One of my biggest regrets is letting go of all the seashells I gathered as a child growing up on the beach! Don’t feel guilty about listening to your intuition 🙂 Creativity gets easier with time and practice, I’ve put myself in a creativity boot camp this year, maybe you want to check out my blog where we can get creative together! I like your writing style, it’s honest and natural.

  3. I know the feeling – I have my mum’s old Lloyd Loom style chair that needs attention and a respray, my mum in laws old retro style nursing chair and the list goes on – I just never seem to have the time to deal with them.

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