So many thoughts…

…so little time to think them!

I was actually first going to write “so little time to write about them”, but the thing is I don’t even feel like I have time to finish one thought before I have to jump on to the next thing. Things at work are, to say the least, a bit hectic. The kids are having some important tests right now, and I have been correcting like a madwoman. On top of that there are many teachers staying home sick at the moment, and as the system has it, the school owns my time so if someone’s sick, the others fill in and take those lessons. It’s a suckie system, but what can you do…

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on writing another post complaining about life. On the contrary. I just wanted to write a few lines about how truly great it is to have freed up so much space and time at home, that I don’t feel stressed from all the things I have to do when I come home from a stressful day at work. True, the walls are still dark and patterned, but there are no things scattered around the apartment, no toys to pick up, no real clutter to take care of. So even if I have long days, loads of correcting to do and too much stress at work, I find myself less angry, less stressed around the kids, and I am enjoying my time much more than I did. 

In short, I wish I had more time to develop the thoughts I don’t have time to think right now, but I know that I will get time to do this soon enough again. Until then I just need to persevere and enjoy my decluttered home.

About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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