What now?

I think I have come to a plateau. You know, where things stand still for a while and nothing really happens.

I used to be able to fill a box per day to be shipped off on my husband’s days off, but in three weeks now I’ve only gathered stuff to fill one box. I guess I have reached a point where I feel kind of satisfied with how far I have come, but at the same time I am wondering if this is like when I am in one of those phases where I try to lose weight. You think you did good so you start eating unhealthy again even though now is the time to just continue to get the results that you’re striving for. Does that make sense?

Talking about losing weight and eating healthy, is this a minimalist thing to do? I am not asking permission or anything, I am just wondering if wanting to take better care of yourself, is a result of downsizing and living simpler? I am still sticking with my drinks most mornings, but I am finding myself wanting to do more. At the moment it’s just a feeling that I’m not acting on, but I am seriously thinking about acting on it. Is living simpler and having more spare time making me want to do new things?

I feel like I have one thousand different strings of thought going on here, and I apologize if this post is all over the place. What I am asking is this: What do you get rid of when you feel like most of the things you own have a place even though you know that not all of them are necessary for you to live a good life?

I don’t expect anyone to really answer, but If you do have a clue, I’m all ears!


About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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7 Responses to What now?

  1. What says:

    I’d caution to go slow at this point! Remember, the goal isn’t deprivation, it’s to get rid of unnecessary drag 🙂

  2. Rose says:

    I’ve been at this point several times. Every time it happens I just need a break from downsizing until I’m ready to start again. It’s like U need to adjust to the new space before I can reach for more.

  3. Rose says:

    Ack. That ‘U’ should be ‘I’.

  4. ellentveit says:

    Hi Therese – you “liked” some of my blog posts (thank you!), which prompted me to check out your blog. You write about things that I’ve experienced, too. Plateaus, yes. Making an effort to be physically healthier, yes. Have you written about sliding backward into old habits or wondering “why hasn’t all my effort to simplify fixed XYZ”? Because that is also very much part of my experience. Most days I just tell myself to be grateful that one of my biggest problems in life is how to live more intentionally–things could be worse! 🙂

    • Hi! I just experienced that, actually! I came back from Las Vegas the other day and have been shopping like there was no tomorrow. Mostly clothes, which I needed, so I don’t feel too bad, it could have been much worse! At least I didn’t come home with heaps of toys for the kids, even though it was ridiculously cheap compared to here, but all my shopping just proved to me that it doesn’t really make me happy once the buzz wears off. I do get what you’re saying – it’s a first world problem to live intentionally with less… Thank you so much for reading!

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