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Swedes talk about the weather aaaaaall the time!

We do! “Talk” may be the wrong term. “Complain” seems more accurate most of the time. Too cold, too windy, to cloudy, too hot. But really, right now, I see no reason to complain! The weather people has declared summer … Continue reading

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Project 333

I’m back! I’ve actually been back for five days, but my energy has been focused on family and work, much as it was before I left. The difference is that spending time away from your family, in the sun, eating … Continue reading

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Stop apologizing!

Bloggers who don’t write about anything of value but who are just apologizing for not writing more often, really get on my nerves. And as of now, I’m one of them. Sorry for not keeping up! Sorry for neglecting updates! … Continue reading

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Sleep deprived and stressed out

– just checking in to say “Hi!” I have never before been affected by daylight saving time, but this year it has been terrible. I am guessing it’s a sign that I’m getting older.  Daylight saving time here in Sweden … Continue reading

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