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In the midst of chaos

I’m living in the midst of chaos right now, and it feels GREAT! For the second time this year we’ve been forced to gather up our things in one room after another and place them somewhere else (aka the living … Continue reading

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Yesterday me and hubby were discussing the fact that we didn’t think we’d get our walls remodeled until August. We hadn’t heard anything about it, but the latest we heard was that “the people” were starting in June. I was … Continue reading

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It’s not that easy!

I didn’t think that playing the Minimalist Game this month would be difficult since I’m in the mood to throw stuff away. Boy was I wrong! I have done a LOT of decluttering during January and February, and now it … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t love a surprise visit?!

Well, that would be me. My friend in Vegas bought some gifts for her friend who lives in the same town as me, and I promised to hand them over to her when I came back. This girl and I … Continue reading

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My new love affair

I don’t remember who wrote the post that got me the idea to seek out┬ámy new love in the first place, but I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart! We are inseparable, my love and … Continue reading

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The second wave of purging

Since March I haven’t really done any donating at all, I hit a plateau and didn’t know how to move past it, so I just let things be. Now, with the beginning of May and summer around the corner, I … Continue reading

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