Where did I go wrong?

I’m writing this as a very frustrated mother.
Where did I go wrong? Do I have time to make it right, and if so, how the heck am I going to do it?!

All this talk about living simpler, I thought some of it had rubbed off on the kids, but it feels like things are worse than ever. We don’t watch TV like we used to, we don’t let them play on the computer a lot anymore, the kids have sorted and given away tons of their stuff, and still there is a constant nag about wanting this and “you promised me that”.

I get it, they’re kids. They see what their friends have and they want the same thing, and somewhere deep down I just have to accept the fact that my kids are not the type who cry with joy over a surprise trip to Disneyland, or put “World peace” on their birthday wish list. (I just wish they wouldn’t laugh when I say they could write things like that down)

Okay, so something isn’t working, and I’d like to know what it is. What am I doing wrong? I’m still shopping things that are not absolutely necessary. Yesterday I ordered a crazy amount of flower and vegetable seed for next year at the allotment, and today I actually bought make up (which is so very rare!). And because I’m a grown up I really don’t have to wait that long to buy stuff I want, so there’s that…

Perhaps I talk too much about doing good instead of actually doing them? That’s not true though, it’s just that the kids can’t see that I give money every month to two different charities, and they haven’t been with me when I’ve bought homeless people food and coffee…

Or maybe I’m just expecting too much out of a 6 and a 9 year old? (I don’t think so)

Have some good suggestions? Hit me! 

About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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3 Responses to Where did I go wrong?

  1. I think that you are too hard on yourself. Sure you buy some things…oh well…but are you splurging like you use to? There are no rules to minimalizing your life and no one is coming to get you for making purchases. Maybe minimalizing is not what you need right now, atleast you had a massive cleanout to remove the excess at the time. Kids lol oh my…I have learned that they have to live their own life and learn their own lessons…but we can just be the examples and gently guide them along the way. My daughter wants a lot…but when she does clean out…you should see the bags come out. It took years for this to happen and she normally has the messiest room in the house.

    • Nah, I wouldn’t call it splurging, I don’t think I ever have, but now less than ever. I think I was just frustrated the other day, thinking the kids didn’t get it, and I still don’t think they do, but your words are comforting – some day they might, looking at us as their set examples. I hope so! 🙂 I’m trying to convince my daughter btw to become a tattoo artist so that she can put all the ones I’m dreaming of on my arms and leg. She’s a bit reluctant though, and a bit young too, so I’m saving up for them 😀

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