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It pains me to talk

Hey, yo. This won’t be a positive post so if you’re looking for inspiration, quit reading. So my job as a teacher is wonderful, at times. It can also be awful. It is stressing, it is loud, it is too … Continue reading

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The Call

I wrote about applying for a new job last week. Today I got a call and booked an interview for next week. I’m sure I won’t get the job, but just getting called into an interview feels like winning to … Continue reading

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Shame on me!

I have been so down lately, wanting to quit my job and do something else completely. But someone wants to tell me something and I should really start listening. Instead of being negative I should be grateful. 1. Today was … Continue reading

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Bedroom phase 1, part 2

My husband knew I had troubles getting this corner done. I have struggled with it for months! It didn’t seem like much, but there was a lot of “perhaps-I-need-this-later”-stuff in my boxes, which only made me stress about not getting … Continue reading

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The finest of compliments!

Today, at work, a colleague gave me one of the finest compliments I’ve ever gotten. She said that she was impressed by how much insight I have in things that she, who is ten years older than me, is just … Continue reading

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A change is coming!

I just needed to write another post, I am feeling so happy right now I just had to share it! I have been complaining on my blog about having too much to do. Know this; I am not one to … Continue reading

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Bedroom phase 1

I know, not a big deal, but still some kind of deal. Away from the floor, finally! Two more areas in the bedroom that need to be cleared. I’m on it. Photos will come sometime this week. It’s a promise, … Continue reading

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Today’s doings.

Today my husband started working at 12 o’clock and about that same time my parents came and picked the kids up for 24 hours of quality time. My plans for 10 hours alone were grand! I was going to go … Continue reading

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Another day lost

Yes, another day is gone and I feel like a failure. I’ve spent ten hours away from home, trying to make things work but feeling like I can’t make a difference, not really. Then coming back home, rushing to pick … Continue reading

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