A change is coming!

I just needed to write another post, I am feeling so happy right now I just had to share it!

I have been complaining on my blog about having too much to do. Know this; I am not one to complain and do nothing about what makes me unhappy. So today I acted. I have applied for a new job outside of the school-world (but still educational), AND I’ve emailed my principal asking to have Fridays off from November on. She can by all means say no, but I did also write that if she does that, I will still take Fridays off with my son – a right I have as a parent in Sweden.

Yes, the money lost are quite a big deal, but so is my health, and I will not end up feeling bad about taking care of myself. I am totally happy!


About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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8 Responses to A change is coming!

  1. Yeah! Your health and happiness is all that matters! Not the money! I wish I could do something similar! I don’t have the courage!

    • I’ve been working up courage to do this for some time now, and knowing my husband supports this makes it a bit easier. Applying for that new job though – SO scary! And I don’t think I’ll get it, but if you don’t try….

  2. That’s wonderful! Sometimes it’s hard to make a big change, but I find how you feel right after you make it is a pretty good indicator of whether it was the right decision. Sounds to me like you knew this needed to be done!

    • Thank you! I think you’re right. It was a huge decision but after having talked to my principal today it feels so good! She even said they’d try to make it happen earlier if they could, so the meeting went very well, I think. Such a relief!

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  4. Anne Lene says:

    Good on you! You NEED to do what’s right for you so that you can take take care of your health… Trust me…. It’s kinda what I’m trying to do as well.. Except the applying for new job (since I happen to really like mine)… I sure hope a new job pans out šŸ™‚ keep us posted…

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