About my new job…

I still can’t believe it – I got the job!

I have been asking myself for a very long time; If I didn’t work as a teacher, what could I possibly do? And I thought that I was stuck, that I didn’t have any options. And then the thing with my ear happened, and it was horrible and I didn’t just feel stuck anymore, I felt trapped. And then – the yes!

I am very excited, and also very nervous. At work I am kind of known for my dark humor, and I feel like perhaps I am not grown up enough to handle this job (says the woman who’s turning 36 in a couple of weeks). But I do want it so bad, so I am just going to fake it til I make it. Obviously there’s something in me that they think is good, because I know someone said they’d had more than 1000 people applying for the job, and well…. I got it!

I have been quite worried about our economy too the last couple of weeks. The part where you get sick and can’t handle the sound level at work has another down side to it, and that is that you lose a LOT of money being at home. Also, having Fridays off is another downer on the economy. Now that part is going to solve itself. I am getting a raise of almost $680 per month, which I didn’t even ask for (I asked for half of that, hoping they wouldn’t give me less than I have already) because I was too happy with the other perks of the job: my own office, peace and quiet, and a couple of business trips to Stockholm every year. I mean, come on, as a teacher I am grateful if we can even leave the building sometimes! And there’s another crazy perk in this too, because the first seven (7!) months of my job will be educational – I will get paid to learn my job!

It feels unreal that this is happening to me. I am so grateful, and still chocked. After I received the call on Tuesday I thought that they might have called the wrong person and I was kind of waiting for them to call back and say that they had made a mistake, but they’ve emailed me twice since then and it still seems like it’s me they want. Crazy!

I’ve been telling my friends at work and they are all so happy for me, but also sad that I’m leaving, which feels good, because what if people would want me to leave?! My boss did seem a bit relieved though, her exact words (but in Swedish of course) were: “Congratulations! That is bad news for us, but I’m happy for you. Does this mean I don’t have to call about your rehabilitation?” I felt like a problem less for the organization, but ah well, whatever!

Now I just need to do my very very best for the kids at school, and then I’ll tell them I’m leaving, in December. Man, I can’t wait!

About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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1 Response to About my new job…

  1. Kristin Maillard says:

    Congratulations 🙂 I always feel like a fraud in a new job too – like they’ll figure out I’m not as great as they mistakenly thought. I agree – fake it until you realize that they were right about you being amazing! I love that you get paid training. This sounds like a good organization to work for.

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