Meeting your idols!

Here I am, my Friday off, it’s 10:45 am and I’ve been to the gym and visited my kids’ school where they had a small UN-celebration, singing with the whole school. Right now I’m drinking my coffee, trying to figure out what I’m packing for when me and hubby leave for Edinburgh tonight. My birthday gift to him, but perhaps more to myself.

We usually don’t give each other anything for birthdays and Christmases, but if we do it’s mostly him giving me something, so this year I decided to really go for it and surprise him. I had to make sure he was off from work (he works every other weekend), and that his passport was valid (which it wasn’t so he had to fix that), and so he knew we were going abroad. But he didn’t know where.

I am sure he had hoped for somewhere warmer than Scotland, but he was happy when he found out and he’s always happy when him and I get to do something on our own, so I figured I could pick somewhere have always wanted to go. and besides, my birthday is four days after his, so we’re really celebrating both of us.

Apart from the fact that I get to go to the city where many of my favorite books (by Kate Atkinson, for example) are set, and that it’s said that the castle of King Arthur is supposed to have been on a hill in Edinburgh (I’m a big fan of the King Arthur-legends, I will climb that hill!); the best part is that while we’re in Edinburgh, so are the Minimalists. YAY!! This is actually the reason why we’re going in the first place, and all the other stuff is just made up to fit the fact that I want to hear them in person. I found out in December last year that they were coming, so I got my tickets straight away, which means I’ve been waiting for 10 months for this. I am beyond excited (insert high-pitched squeal)!

I was thinking I’d write a list of things that has changed since I found their website almost to the date a year ago, and this is what I have come up with:

  • My TV-consumption has drastically changed. Like, I might watch TV five hours per week, instead of three hours per day.
  • My kids’ TV-consumption has changes even more. From two hours per day to about two hours per week. It’s done wonders for their moods. And mine.
  • Also screen-time at large; they get to play 30 minutes per day, except weekends which is one hour. Sometimes they can play longer, but that happens like once a month. The nagging and fights are almost gone when it comes to this, because they know I’m not giving in.
  • We get our food delivered weekly to our doorstep. You’d think it would be more expensive, but we’re probably spending less money now because you get all the ingredients at the same time, you don’t buy unnecessary things, and the food gets eaten. This was a major stress factor before, since we both hate to cook.
  • We have gotten rid of about 50% of all our things. The cleaning is really easy, we don’t get angry at the kids because their things aren’t everywhere anymore. This is a huge difference! A lot less swearing going on.
  • Oh yes, bonus for the kids – their own rooms are easy to clean. My son has all his stuff in their place all the time.
  • I have cleared my closet and am (sort of) doing the 333-project which helps me a LOT getting ready for work in the morning and feeling good about myself.
  • We have moved to a smaller apartment, paying less rent.
  • We sold our summer house which was draining our accounts and also we never had the time to go there so it was stressing us out, paying for something we never used. Instead we bought an allotment in our city, where we go at least once a week, growing our own food. This will also be fully paid for in 2,5 years, so less of a toll on the economy.
  • I have started putting my health first. I go to the gym. And I love it!
  • I have been able to take Fridays off, also for the sake of my health, without it affecting our economy too much.
  • I have a new job waiting for me because I don’t want to continue working my butt off, not getting paid accordingly and not having time with my kids. This change is going to give me a better pay and more spare time.

I think this is about it. Quite a bit in one year, I’d say, and it’s all about the thoughts that I’ve gotten from the Minimalists. So I am EXCITED to meet them, and to thank them.

And now, I really need to start packing!

About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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4 Responses to Meeting your idols!

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  2. How wonderful all the positive changes you’ve made in a year!!

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