#32 a trilogy: The Delirium series by Lauren Oliver

Book Challenge 2015 has started! 52 books within the year, and I am off to a flying start.

I started reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver because I needed to read and had been in a reading funk for about a month. For me, when I’m in a funk, it always helps to read fiction for young adults. It’s quick, easy and never a dull moment. Having worked with teenagers for so long, I know it has to be books that grab hold of you instantly, otherwise they won’t continue reading.

I first heard of Delirium last year when my students had their national tests (don’t know what this would be equivalent to, but they are some pretty important tests in Sweden), and an excerpt from the book was actually one of the texts they had to read. I found it pretty interesting and so when I found myself in a funk, it was easy enough to buy the book for my Kindle. And when I had read the first one, I read the second one, Pandemonium, and then the third one, Requiem. And so the first number on my Challenge list was accomplished; a trilogy!

The book is about Lena who is looking forward to her 18th birthday when she will be cured from the decease called “love” that is the biggest threat to society. But then she meets Alex and she has a change of heart…

I’m a sucker for young adult fiction, for love stories, and for dystopias, and the first book seemed promising. But the second book left me feeling nothing, and the third one even more so. I just don’t like not finishing what I have started, and I only had to pay $2 for Pandemonium, so… Without diving in too deep I just feel like I felt nothing for Julian, and the ending in the last book was SO bad. I had been wondering throughout the book how Oliver would solve the story, considering how it was about a whole society, not just a few people, and I must say that the way she “got out” in the end sucked big time!

But I am happy because reading these books mean I could tick off number 32 on my list, and it’s got me reading again, so, yay!

On to the next one (which I have actually already finished, but writing about the books takes time for me)!

Time to read a bit before going to sleep!


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