Decluttering is getting hard…

I was going to take my friend over at minimalistsometimes up on a challenge of clearing out some space. I started three weeks ago with my bathroom cabinet, and that was a breeze, but then I moved on to my bedroom. And that’s where I failed the first time.

Believe me, I was going to clear out one of the built-in storage, and I did empty the whole thing, and I am even sure that if push came to shove I’d throw most of it out. Instead I put everything back in there. I really don’t even know why it was such a difficult place to clear out, most of it was old paper and things I don’t use anyway. I guess it just goes to show that it’s not all easy peasy, this decluttering thing.

Then I was going to do the living room this week, and it is in fact very empty already, and I thought I would get rid of what’s left in a heartbeat. But then. Enter family. If I were to live on my own, this would not be a problem, but I have a husband and two kids to consider when decluttering, and those peeps are entitled to an opinion too, I guess. Instead of getting rid of a lot of stuff I rearranged them, decided to hang some pictures in the hallway (where most of my pictures are, keeping the rest of the apartment “clean”), and I did manage to sort out about ten movies and five books that I gave away, but still… Not the success I was hoping for. Darn it.

I am not sure if I can do the kitchen this week, like minimalistsometimes is doing, because I’ve given away so many things that I think this time around the family will object. I can, however, clear the pantry, just to see if there’s anything with an old date or something.

Okay, so that’ll be my thing this week. And this time I’ll actually follow through.

About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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9 Responses to Decluttering is getting hard…

  1. Good luck! IMO the kiddos only get choose what they keep of their own stuff! When they buy their own homes or pay rent, they can keep all they want.

    • Yes, I mainly live by that rule, and whatever they want to keep in their rooms, that’s fine with me. But at the same time I think that it’s their home too, so some things they do have a say in 🙂

  2. Florida Minimalist says:

    I struggle with the family stuff too, especially all the family photos, school pictures, etc hanging on the walls. I took a lot of them down and left my favorites, but my teenage daughter still says to me “why don’t you love us anymore?” (joking of course) but ugh! I’ve thought about buying one of those digital picture display frames and loading everything onto that with a rotating imagine display. Come to think of it I should probably just go ahead and do that….guilt avoided

    • Yes! It’s not easy at all getting rid of the family stuff. I feel like I’ll have to compromise for a while and the go all in when they move out (in about 12 years or so!!). In the meantime I’ll purge my own stuff. Like all the unnecessary old paper work!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Kids do get used to what they have grown up with. If there is to be a ‘new purging’, perhaps there are ways to get them on board! It can quite a fun and freeing adventure for all 🙂

    • I know! What would I have said if my mom would’ve started throwing out “our” things when I was little? But I think they’re pretty much on board, and if they really want to keep something I don’t want, they will have to keep it in their rooms….. (at least my son’s room is pretty sparse for a six year old)

  4. Anne Lene says:

    Hey, you are doing great! Even if its not quite as much as we (yes, we… as I have the same problem as you) would like.. there are still stuff going OUT THE DOOR!!! 😉 and thats the whole point, yes??? As you prob saw from my last post, I’m going to struggle with my kitchen myself, as I currently can’t think of a single thing to get rid off, after my former several declutter rounds. I’m just hoping I might find one or two things to rid my kitchen of 😉 I’m wishing you luck with yours, and maybe you can cross your fingers for me 😉

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