Minimalist interiors 

As we’re moving in about five weeks I see my big chance to “get it right” when it comes to interior design. I’ve been interested in this for a long time and I love seeing how others live, but I am in no sense an expert and I feel that what I find beautiful, clashes with, well, what I also find beautiful.

I like the clean, cool, Scandinavian look with nothing in a room but a few, expensive funiture. I also like the Bohemian look, with colors, diy’s and chipped furniture. Oh, and I also like sturdy wooden Edwardian furniture, surrounded by heavy colors… 

Needless to say I’m a frequent user of Pinterest so I do have a lot of pinned inspiration. I also “read” magazines (that I borrow from others since I mainly just flip through them), and watch shows on TV (not often). 

Minimalist interiors seem to be “in” right now. The Scandinavian look is something a lot of people strive for, and I think it’s the way to go for me too, especially since it actually has a purpose in my home; here in Sweden we don’t have a lot of light during fall and winter, and keeping it light inside makes the dark easier to bear. 

One thing I’ve found though, flipping through magazines, blogposts and pins, is that many people confuse minimalism with hiding your sh*t, and silly as it may seem, that really irritates me. I don’t want shelves or cabinets to hide stuff away, – I don’t want the stuff at all! 

It is a challenge to decorate with nothing and make it look home-y. I’m afraid it will be too empty, but at the same time, empty is what I want. I am working away at emptying our current apartment, but progress is slooooow. 

If you know of any inspirational blogs, preferably with nice, clean interior design where clutter isn’t hidden away in cabinets, please share! 


About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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8 Responses to Minimalist interiors 

  1. I feel your frustration! I guess we just need to accept we aren’t decorators and we love our home as is because it’s us!

  2. Hi Decluttering! Good to run into you here!
    I just pick what I like. If I enjoy it, then it goes together for me. I’ve gotten over people’s opinions as I’ve gotten older. It helps that I live alone. I own it, and I only have to please myself. For the first time in my life. If you reaallly hate it, don’t come over.

  3. I’m with declutteringthestuff loving our home as is because it’s us, and I’m with purpleslobinrecovery, I pick what I like.. and if people don’t like it.. thats just tough (for them) because I don’t care as long as I’m happy in my home 😉

    I am probably a little guilty though, of hiding my crap, as I like things neatly tucked away in drawers and behind doors 😉

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