My inner stress level….

For at least a couple of weeks my inner stress level has been somewhat on the high side, and every time I check my calendar to see when this madness will subside, I kind of end up in April!
No one is really pushing me into feeling this way but me, but there are factors, of course. We are moving, but we can’t say for sure what date (but we think, perhaps, next weekend). I am also doing stuff every week now at work that I have never done before, and I am doing it in front of other people, which is so so scary. (Last week I held a course and I didn’t feel comfortable about the subject; today I was presenting seminars and being in charge of the technique at this really large customs event; next week I’ll be answering email questions about customs from companies. And so on.) On top of all this my weekends are filled with family stuff that I find somewhat stressful. My son had his birthday party last weekend and will be playing his last matches in his soccer cup this coming Saturday, and so the weekends disappear real fast, when I wish that I could just relax in my allotment instead… (haven’t spent more than an hour there for weeks!)

I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but I long for November! In all this I am so glad I have scaled down on many things at home though. Packing up our things is not a big deal. We can’t really do it yet since we’re not sure when we’re moving, but when that day comes it won’t be a huge project. I have gotten rid of so much this last week! I also complained about being bored at work – now I kind of long to be, if not bored, then at least not scared every week. And really, doing stuff with and for my kids is fun.  (Though I wouldn’t say it’s all fun and games over here with an almost-teen girl acting like she’s already there… Imagine!)

Not a very zen post, and also not a very deep one, but it’s a quick update on my life right now.


About thereseastrom

A wife, mother of two, teacher and new, but firm, believer in minimalism. Trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
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5 Responses to My inner stress level….

  1. SB Selimovic says:

    Wish you harmony and less stress 🙂

  2. Usj… I sure hope the stress will get less and soon, so you can get back to semi “relaxed” days. Be kind to yourself! Try to take a moment for you, even if its just stepping outside your door for a minute of fresh air, before you go to bed. Hug

    • I think I’m almost there already. Accept what you can’t change and so on. And perhaps stop being afraid of failure, that helps to stress less too. Got a date for the move, it’s not this weekend like we wanted, but at least it’s a date and that makes it a lot easier 🙂

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