The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey

I started to write a review on Rick Yancey’s The Fifth Wave about five times, and it is killing me that I suck so bad at summarizing a plot without giving out too much or too little information. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: there are so many people out there who does this better than me, – please google what this book is about, and I’ll just give you my opinion on it instead!

But to get my opinion you kinda need to know the plot, so here it goes.

Earth is invaded by aliens, who tries to eradicate all humans. 16 year old Cassie and her little brother survive. Brother is brought to safety  by other survivors and Cassie promises to follow him there, but of course there are obstacles, like getting shot, and being nursed back to health by a hot guy. Also, Cassies high school crush is alive and turns up in the same place as her brother.

There. Now, opinions.

If earth is invaded by aliens, who are far more evolved and intelligent than humans, why is there even a book about it? You’d think they’d outsmart us pretty fast… 

When the main character is named Cassie after Cassiopeia the star constellation, it kind of irritates me because of the obvious connection to space – the home of aliens. Couldn’t she just be called Sarah, or something less forced?

Also, if everyone around you is dying and your one goal in is collecting your brother, why are you so losing focus so easily and think that much about hot guys? 

That’s a few of the issues I have with this book, which I started reading for two reasons. 1) My husband was reading it and said it was okay, 2) I plan to see the movie and I always want to read the book first. Hubby never finished the book, by the way, whereas I almost alway finish books I start, no matter how bad I think they are. Not sure that’s a good thing, but that’s another discussion.

When I look it up, this book is said to be in the Sci-fi genre, so that’s the category I’m putting this book in on my 2016 Reading Challenge list. But really, to me, this is just another dystopian book for teenagers, and not a good one at that, I truly can’t understand what the hype and praise is all about. 

I give it 2/5. 

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