The Piper’s Son by Melina Marchetta

My first book by Marchetta was Jellicoe Road, two years ago. I loved it but didn’t read anything else by Marchetta that year. Last year I read both Saving Francesca and Looking for Alibrandi, loving them both. I didn’t want to read The Piper’s Son too soon after, because I was afraid I would tire of Marchetta, and I also didn’t want to have nothing left by her to read. But then she wrote a post on her blog, and I just needed to read TPS at once!

 The Piper’s Son is about Tom who was one of the characters in Savig Francesca. His life has down spiraled since we last met him two years ago, and in this book we get to know him better, as well as his aunt Georgie. We also get to meet (almost) the whole gang again, and it’s a story about love and betrayal and friendships and forgiveness. (again, someone else will give you a better summary of the book. I’m sorry I suck at doing that.)

First of all. I love Melina Marchetta. I am scared of reading her fantasy books though, because her YA fiction is SO good, so I’m a bit sad that I’ve read “all” her non-fantasy books. Has anyone read the Lumatere chronicals? Are they as good as the other books?

As I read TPS I understood why I disliked The Fifth Wave so much. Sometimes you just read without reflecting on what you read, and it’s not until you read a great book that you notice why something else isn’t  good. When I read The Fifth Wave I didn’t get it, but, enter Marchetta and I saw it in an instant. The characters lacked depth, it wasn’t believable – and that is something you could never accuse Marchetta’s books of. Her characters are real, they’re complex, you care about them and they stay with you for a long time. 

I love Marchetta and I love The Piper’s Son. 5/5. 

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