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January – my no-buy-month

I decided to not buy anything in January. It’s not because I don’t have the money, because somehow January is always a better financial month than November and December is, so it had nothing to do with saving money. I … Continue reading

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A new go -Project 333

Clothes. You kind of need to wear them, and many people like to shop and get a lot of them, but for me, it’s just an evil necessity. I hate shopping, and it’s mostly because I am large and can’t buy … Continue reading

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I pity the fool

The other day me and my daughter went by train to visit a friend and her kids, and as we passed by different stations on our way there, people were swarming into the big malls. It was two days after … Continue reading

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Project 333

I’m back! I’ve actually been back for five days, but my energy has been focused on family and work, much as it was before I left. The difference is that spending time away from your family, in the sun, eating … Continue reading

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Sleep deprived and stressed out

– just checking in to say “Hi!” I have never before been affected by daylight saving time, but this year it has been terrible. I am guessing it’s a sign that I’m getting older.  Daylight saving time here in Sweden … Continue reading

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