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Rant about decisions 

  I was supposed to do a test today that I had paid money for, but because of some screwup(s) from the company we are renting from, we couldn’t start moving your things yesterday as planned. So today there’s a lot … Continue reading

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I’ve been awarded!

Yes, it is true, I’ve been nominated for a Liebster-award. And not just once, I might add, but twice during this last year, which is kind of amazing! I am honored, Decluttering the Stuff and Minimalist sometimes! The problem for me with accepting … Continue reading

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Making adult decisions

I have written before about our dream to go to Iceland. Everything I have sold during the last year has ended up in our piggy bank, and we had actually earned enough to buy the plane tickets for the whole family. … Continue reading

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About my new job…

I still can’t believe it – I got the job! I have been asking myself for a very long time; If I didn’t work as a teacher, what could I possibly do? And I thought that I was stuck, that … Continue reading

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What my wish list looked like

I wrote down a couple of tings in December that I wanted to accomplish for the new year, or rather, for life. I hadn’t planned on sharing them, but then I decided I should at least share my hopes with … Continue reading

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This is me being down

Eating cheese and watching TV, I am feeling down and am not liking my life right now. The worst thing about that sentence is that there’s really no reason. I just get depressed at times and I never know why … Continue reading

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