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Meeting your idols!

Here I am, my Friday off, it’s 10:45 am and I’ve been to the gym and visited my kids’ school where they had a small UN-celebration, singing with the whole school. Right now I’m drinking my coffee, trying to figure out what … Continue reading

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My daughter impresses me

I have two kids. My five-year-old boy likes playing with his toys and was really happy when we donated (probably) half of his toys, two months ago. Now he finds his favorites more easily, and he doesn’t mind picking them … Continue reading

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Greed gives me a headache

I shouldn’t really blame others because it was my own greed, if I could call it that, that actually was the main reason why I got a headache today. I do have some nice things left at home. Furniture that … Continue reading

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To accidently inspire others

I didn’t started my journey on becoming a minimalist for anyone else’s sake but my own, and I never thought my actions would effect anyone but me and my family. But what I am noticing is that others are noticing … Continue reading

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When the giving feels tough

During this winter holiday I have cleared out quite a lot of toys from my kids’ rooms. The things that weren’t worth saving I have thrown away, but now I have three large boxes with toys that are worth something. And … Continue reading

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I’m on a Mission

And so the cleansing has begun. I have decided to throw out (or give away or sell) ten things per day. This is my mission as of now. Yesterday I threw away (at least) ten toys from my son’s room. … Continue reading

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