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Decluttering is NOT the same as organizing! I go insane every time people confuse one with the other! Speaking of that though, today I started preparing for The Move. I’m trying to get the kids to reflect on what they … Continue reading

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Yes we are!

A few weeks back we went to look at another apartment and last week we got the news – we’re moving! We’ll get the new apartment in October, and the company will fix it up for us before we move in. … Continue reading

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41,5 hours per week

I sleep eight hours per night. I get up and get ready for work before my kids wake up, most days. A couple of times I’m the one waking them up, sending them to school, like today. I think I … Continue reading

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Another day lost

Yes, another day is gone and I feel like a failure. I’ve spent ten hours away from home, trying to make things work but feeling like I can’t make a difference, not really. Then coming back home, rushing to pick … Continue reading

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The kids are growing – I need a hobby!

Yes, what I said in my headline! My kids are growing and I need a hobby!  Every day for the past two weeks the kids have gone out the door, not to really come back in for a few hours … Continue reading

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Where did I go wrong?

I’m writing this as a very frustrated mother. Where did I go wrong? Do I have time to make it right, and if so, how the heck am I going to do it?! All this talk about living simpler, I … Continue reading

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I learned something yesterday

Like the title implies – I learned something yesterday. I actually learned a few things. As I woke up I decided to get dressed right away instead of wearing my cozy clothes that I usually wear when I’m off work … Continue reading

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One more day, and then..!

There’s a lot to be applied to my headline today.  “One more day, and then the renevations are DONE!”“One more day, and then all the grades are DONE!”“One more day, and then I can give full attention to the prom … Continue reading

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My daughter impresses me

I have two kids. My five-year-old boy likes playing with his toys and was really happy when we donated (probably) half of his toys, two months ago. Now he finds his favorites more easily, and he doesn’t mind picking them … Continue reading

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Lazy – or smart?

I hate cooking. My husband hates cooking. Or so we thought. In fact, what we hate is the question of what we are going to cook. We have been sort of stuck in a rut, cooking the same things because … Continue reading

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