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The sleeve of my life

The date of my upcoming tattoo appointment is closing in – in less than a month I’ll be in that chair, getting pierced by a needle for many hours…. I am so excited I can hardly wait!! When I made … Continue reading

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A tattoo to say it all

I am planning to get a tattoo. A big one. All over my left arm. It’s actually not “a tattoo” but a sleeve. I went to the studio a few weeks back and booked time for it in September. I’ll … Continue reading

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Another day lost

Yes, another day is gone and I feel like a failure. I’ve spent ten hours away from home, trying to make things work but feeling like I can’t make a difference, not really. Then coming back home, rushing to pick … Continue reading

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“I just want to be happy”

I used to belong to a group of girls when I went to (what probably would translate as) high school. Two of them are still my best friends, the other two I have lost all contact with. I don’t remember … Continue reading

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