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#23: Walden; or Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau

What is The Book that you come across most often as you read about simplifying, minimalism, or living life with less clutter? Or the book and writer that has been quoted the most, perhaps. I guess I gave the answer … Continue reading

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The kitchen experiment, three days in

I’m thinking the title of this post is self explanatory, but just in case, here’s what’s going on. It’s been three days with just one of everything, per person, in the kitchen. One glass, one coffee mug (which means we … Continue reading

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Meeting your idols!

Here I am, my Friday off, it’s 10:45 am and I’ve been to the gym and visited my kids’ school where they had a small UN-celebration, singing with the whole school. Right now I’m drinking my coffee, trying to figure out what … Continue reading

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Time for new experiments!

I got to talking with my husband about minimalism again yesterday. He’d noticed I hadn’t thrown anything away lately, and he’s right, it’s been a slow couple of months. I’m mostly blaming me not feeling well, but as of Friday … Continue reading

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Chain reactions?

Looking around I am coming to the conclusion that it seems like simplifying one part of your life is starting chain reactions in other parts of your life.  I started by getting rid of my stuff, continued on to wanting to eat … Continue reading

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Where did I go wrong?

I’m writing this as a very frustrated mother. Where did I go wrong? Do I have time to make it right, and if so, how the heck am I going to do it?! All this talk about living simpler, I … Continue reading

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