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January – my no-buy-month

I decided to not buy anything in January. It’s not because I don’t have the money, because somehow January is always a better financial month than November and December is, so it had nothing to do with saving money. I … Continue reading

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Yes we are!

A few weeks back we went to look at another apartment and last week we got the news – we’re moving! We’ll get the new apartment in October, and the company will fix it up for us before we move in. … Continue reading

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I haven’t been honest

I haven’t been honest lately. I also haven’t been at all inspired and I think these things may interlock. But today I am going to come clean. I have left my job teaching kids age 12-15, to work as an … Continue reading

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All about the money

It’s funny how, when I’m thinking about writing about something, other people write about it at the same time and then I feel like a Copycat and don’t write anything at all. One of those subjects is money. The first … Continue reading

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Making adult decisions

I have written before about our dream to go to Iceland. Everything I have sold during the last year has ended up in our piggy bank, and we had actually earned enough to buy the plane tickets for the whole family. … Continue reading

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Greed gives me a headache

I shouldn’t really blame others because it was my own greed, if I could call it that, that actually was the main reason why I got a headache today. I do have some nice things left at home. Furniture that … Continue reading

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When the giving feels tough

During this winter holiday I have cleared out quite a lot of toys from my kids’ rooms. The things that weren’t worth saving I have thrown away, but now I have three large boxes with toys that are worth something. And … Continue reading

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