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Still living in a box

…but on the other side of town. And it does feel like home even though we haven’t unpacked everything yet. (The photo is from our hallway, when everything was done for a brief while. Now it’s full of old boxes … Continue reading

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Rant about decisions 

  I was supposed to do a test today that I had paid money for, but because of some screwup(s) from the company we are renting from, we couldn’t start moving your things yesterday as planned. So today there’s a lot … Continue reading

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Living in a box

   Sunday is the big move and for a couple of weeks I’ve been packing our things together and driven them to the basement of our new place. Most cabinets are empty and our rooms are too. I think we’ve … Continue reading

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My inner stress level….

For at least a couple of weeks my inner stress level has been somewhat on the high side, and every time I check my calendar to see when this madness will subside, I kind of end up in April! No … Continue reading

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Yes we are!

A few weeks back we went to look at another apartment and last week we got the news – we’re moving! We’ll get the new apartment in October, and the company will fix it up for us before we move in. … Continue reading

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No thank you.

Today I went with my family into town to look at an apartment that we -perhaps- wanted to move to instead of the one that we live in now. Now that came straight out of nowhere, right? We’ve only been … Continue reading

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Yesterday me and hubby were discussing the fact that we didn’t think we’d get our walls remodeled until August. We hadn’t heard anything about it, but the latest we heard was that “the people” were starting in June. I was … Continue reading

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