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Getting it together

It’s half past four and almost pitch dark outside. This time of year is everything but inspiring. I’m home with a cold today and feel both tired, but also bored. And that’s when the rain starts pouring down… My parents … Continue reading

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How many bath towels does one family need? Even though I sorted out twenty-or-so when we last moved 18 months ago, it turns out we still have 20 left! Twenty towels for four persons! I don’t think so!  Bye bye … Continue reading

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Decluttering is NOT the same as organizing! I go insane every time people confuse one with the other! Speaking of that though, today I started preparing for The Move. I’m trying to get the kids to reflect on what they … Continue reading

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The “Before and After” pictures

No, I’m not posting a lot of before and after pictures today. I wish I was because those pictures on blogs are so much fun to look at, but I didn’t take any before pictures in this apartment, except for … Continue reading

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The Great Sock Purge And More

I have been walking around for a week feeling like a zombie, all due to the move. Then when I finally get some energy back, I puuuuuurge! I decided to get my husband’s closet in order and threw out seven … Continue reading

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Packing party with a twist – or not.

Ah, who am I kidding? This has not been a packing party at all! First of all, all I did was pack and then unpack, and it hasn’t been feeling like a party at any point of this move. I … Continue reading

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Packing party with a twist – day 1

So today is the big move! Let me tell you two things about moving; one – I hate it, two – I hate cleaning when I am moving. Anyways, things are packed but not as well as I had planned. … Continue reading

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