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I haven’t been honest

I haven’t been honest lately. I also haven’t been at all inspired and I think these things may interlock. But today I am going to come clean. I have left my job teaching kids age 12-15, to work as an … Continue reading

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Greed gives me a headache

I shouldn’t really blame others because it was my own greed, if I could call it that, that actually was the main reason why I got a headache today. I do have some nice things left at home. Furniture that … Continue reading

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To accidently inspire others

I didn’t started my journey on becoming a minimalist for anyone else’s sake but my own, and I never thought my actions would effect anyone but me and my family. But what I am noticing is that others are noticing … Continue reading

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Organization frenzy

There is one thing that I have learned two months into my life as a minimalist, and that is that my love for organizing my things has been put on hold for a while. I used to love shelves and … Continue reading

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Are you a minimalist too?

I guess it’s because I am interested in how other people perceive this whole thing about minimalism that I continuously find myself reading blogs just about that. Gone are the days when I surf blogs of interior design and photography, and instead I spend my … Continue reading

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Do I need this?

Wow! Just had a mind blowing experience while waiting for a friend. It is cold outside and I needed to go inside for a while to warm up. Since I really feel like clothes are not my thing, and since … Continue reading

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