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I haven’t been honest

I haven’t been honest lately. I also haven’t been at all inspired and I think these things may interlock. But today I am going to come clean. I have left my job teaching kids age 12-15, to work as an … Continue reading

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Another day lost

Yes, another day is gone and I feel like a failure. I’ve spent ten hours away from home, trying to make things work but feeling like I can’t make a difference, not really. Then coming back home, rushing to pick … Continue reading

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Nothing simple about today

I have just said goodbye to my students. We have spent more or less everyday together for three years. I am not sure I have actually taught them anything subject-wise, perhaps they’ve learned the important things; to be kind, to … Continue reading

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So many thoughts…

…so little time to think them! I was actually first going to write “so little time to write about them”, but the thing is I don’t even feel like I have time to finish one thought before I have to … Continue reading

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Facts vs dreams

Sometimes things happen that makes you question what you have and what you are doing. For me, the issues I have are mainly about the Swedish educational system.  I am a teacher. I teach kids ages 12-15 and most of … Continue reading

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